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Tire Rotation & Balance In Fredericksburg, VA

tire rotation and balance

Why Is It Important For Tires To Be Regularly Rotated & Balanced?

Rotating your vehicle’s tires is crucial to ensuring even wear, and extension of their life. Whether your vehicle is front, rear, 4, or all-wheel drive, tires in the front of the vehicle will wear faster due to the extra weight they are under; there are exceptions to this rule if the vehicle has a mid or rear-mounted engine. When tires are rotated regularly, their life can be extended for many more months than if they are not. At Just-N-Tyme Automotive, we offer free tire rotations with every oil change to help you maintain this schedule.

Balancing your vehicle’s tires is not only important for them to wear evenly, but also to ensure the smoothest ride for passengers. If a wheel/tire is out of balance a vibration can be felt in the steering wheel and seats of the vehicle. This is due to uneven weight around the circumference of the tire, and is corrected by stick on/clip on weights being placed in precise locations around the inside of the wheel to create a more even distribution of weight during rotation. An even more effective balance that goes beyond the use of balancing weights is referred to as a road force balance.

What Is A Road Force Balance?

A road force balance goes beyond weight balancing by first measuring the amounts of road force placed on a tire across its entire surface. Once this is measured by a road force drum that mimics the force placed on a tire by the road, the tire can be either manipulated on the wheel (spun) to better match even force points, and/or the tire can be remounted in a position on the vehicle in a location that will have reduced, or increased road force based on the tire’s comparative road force measurements with the other tires. All this is done to help create the smoothest possible ride on any wheel and tire set up. For a demonstration of a road force balance, please click here.

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