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Why Just-N-Tyme?

Here at Just-N-Tyme, we are in the business of keeping your vehicle running strong and healthy for as long as you own it! When you’re handing your vehicle down to your son or daughter, you will rest easier knowing they’ll be taken care of just the same as you have been here at Just-N-Tyme, for years and years to come!

Not only do we spend the appropriate amount of time with your vehicle but more importantly, with you. We go into length with everything that is going on with your vehicle so that you have a complete understanding of what needs attention now, and what can wait a little longer. We understand working with a budget is a key factor in everyone’s life, and let’s face it, skilled labor isn’t cheap and cheap labor isn’t skilled. Our duty is to advise you in our best manner, which will always come from a professional regard and never from a place of uncertainty. If we are uncertain, we will be the first to admit it!

The best part about bringing your vehicle to an independent shop like Just-N-Tyme, is that we can take our time with your vehicle, ensuring thoroughness in all aspects of your visit – from the time you walk in until the time you leave; it’s our duty to make sure that you are being taken care of! We will never use pressure sales or slippery tactics, we believe in honesty, integrity, and sometimes just flat-out bluntness. We refuse to sugarcoat things and make them seem different than exactly what they are. If it is broken, we can fix it, if you need it to last forever, we can make it last forever, and if you just want to come hang out with us, you can do that as well! Most importantly, if you visit us and see something that could help us improve, or make your visit better, please be sure to let any of us know so we can take your concerns and turn them into corrections! We encourage all feedback!

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