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We Are Working To Help End Breast Cancer

We Are Proudly Working To Help Bring Awarness To Breast Cancer

For the month of October, we are donating 2% of our profit to the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation (VBCF) a statewide, Richmond-based nonprofit committed to the eradication of breast cancer through education and advocacy.

Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation

The VBCF was founded in 1991 by five women – Phoebe Antrim, Judi Ellis, Patti Goodall, Mary Jo Kahn, and Sherry Kohlenberg – who met in an MCV support group. They were angered by the lack of progress in breast cancer treatment and inspired by a growing network of grassroots advocates across the country. VBCF, established as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in October 1992, is headquartered in Richmond, VA.

VBCF exists thanks to its many generous individual donors and volunteers. its goals are to establish the end of breast cancer as a state and national priority, to advocate for the collective needs of people affected by breast cancer, and to educate all Virginians on the facts about breast cancer.

Have you or a loved one been recently diagnosed with breast cancer? Request the @VirginiaBreastCancerFoundation’s free guide and learn about Patient Navigators & find one in your area; find a local support group or find support by phone or online; learn how to deal with physical changes after your breast cancer treatment; and more. Order Now:

You can be more likely to get cancer because of your genes, but you don’t have to resign yourself to getting breast cancer. You may have heard a lot about hereditary breast cancer, specifically the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. VBCF has information about this sometimes confusing subject.

YOU are your best health advocate! Take charge of your breast health by knowing your body and what to look for. Learn more at:

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