Custom Exhaust

What is Regular & Custom Exhaust Work?

If you like to hear all the harmonic notes of your engine unrestricted, modifying some of the stock exhaust components will help give you the sound you’re looking for. There are multiple bolt-on and weld-on options available for this including high flow catalytic converters, less restrictive mufflers, and exhaust tips. Installing one or a combination of these can be the perfect way to get more aggressive sounds from your engine.

If you’d like something outside of the standard prefabricated exhaust upgrades, you can also opt for a more custom exhaust job. This can allow you to change the diameter of the piping, and the direction of the piping to custom widths and angles, thus giving you the most unique looks and sounds possible. Custom exhaust work can be more costly than using prefabricated upgrades, but it is the best option for the individual who wants their vehicle to truly be one of a kind.


Deleting catalytic converters in the state of Virginia is illegal for licensed shops to do, and there are hefty fines for doing so. A vehicle with no catalytic converter(s) will also not pass Virginia state safety inspection. Just-N-Tyme does NOT perform catalytic converter deletes unless the vehicle meets the proper legal criteria to do so.

Why is Exhaust Work Better at Just-N-Tyme?

The possibilities for different looks and sounds are almost endless, and we are equipped with the best crew and equipment to help you achieve exactly what you’re looking for. For the most custom designs, our shop is equipped with multiple Miller tig and mig welders and a Ben Pearson MC59 tube bender. These pieces of equipment allow us to custom-build the most intricate exhausts for any vehicle. All our custom exhausts are made with stainless steel tubing to ensure longevity by resisting rust.

We know that an exhaust system can be seen as the cherry on top of a beloved vehicle, so we work very closely with our clients before the start of any cuts, bends, or welds, to ensure the look is exactly what they want. We also allow our clients to inspect and listen to the installed exhaust and should they not like the first draft, we will make changes on the spot to get it exactly the way they want it. For us to help you get the absolute best-finished product from a bolt-on or weld-on exhaust, we ask that you allow us to purchase the kit for you.